Dim Sum Leadership Your 2nd serving

Dim Sum Leadership Your 2nd serving

by metaconsulting

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“Here is a distillation of John’s observations, analyses and wisdom in bitesize morsels. Read, digest and learn to be a better leader, because all of us fit one of the leadership styles described here.”

Dato Dr Kim Tan
Chairman, SpringHill Management Ltd





Dim Sum Leadership…Your Second Serving is the most powerful and impactful book John has ever written on leadership. Practical-focused, well-researched, thoughtful-insights, impactful analogies, bite-sized chapters, he has produced another masterpiece to excite, enlighten, and engage leaders at all levels.

Dealing with current and relevant issues ranging on personal addictions, energy management, family life, social media, performance productivity, innovative change, John brings fresh perspectives and practical handles based on his years of consulting and training experiences to many world-class organizations, small-medium sized companies, and NGOs.

“This is certainly his best book yet” and ‘A must read for all leaders’ as his endorsers put it. Once you start, you will not put it down!

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