Dr. John’s MasterClass: Inside-Out Leadership Transformation

Dr. John’s MasterClass: Inside-Out Leadership Transformation

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Special series of MasterClass aimed at providing fresh paradigms, developing new competencies in focus areas of leadership

MasterClass Topics

1) Smiling Tiger, Hidden Dragon…Transforming Conflict into Opportunity

2) Functionally Effective or Emotionally Engaged: Recruiting, Mobilizing & Nurturing Staff

3) Managing Your Energy not Your Time

1) Smiling Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Transforming Conflict Into Opportunity

Asians deal with conflicts very differently from Westerners: Face saving, Constant conflict avoidance, ‘Ninja’ attacks, Defensiveness, Stone-Walling, etc.

How can we transform conflicts into opportunities? Why do conflicts escalate so quickly from problem-solving to intractable conflicts? How do we deal with the different ‘dragons’ that have prevented us from fighting fair? How do we manage our emotions during conflict? How can focusing on relationship help prevent and de-escalate conflict?

Learn more from Dr John Ng, one of Asia’s thought-leaders and conflict management experts in conflict management and Author of ‘Smiling Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ and his team as they take you into this peace-making journey. Discover your own conflict styles from the first Asian-based COSPI (COnflict Style Preference Indicator), an online self-assessment instrument. They will share practical ways to transform conflict into opportunity.

Based on one of Dr John Ng’s best-selling books, Smiling Tiger, Hidden Dragon… Managing Conflict @ Work & Home, he will unpack and provide practical frameworks and actionable solutions to help participants become effective in a fun, memorable and impactful way.

2) Managing Your Energy not Your Time…Being and Becoming More Productive at Work

Do you feel exhausted at work?

Do you find that people are less engaged in their work?

Do you find that the pressure to perform is becoming greater and more difficult to manage?

Do you find challenges in time management?

Do you find it difficult between balancing work and family life?

Most people are thinking of ‘time Management’ when the key should be ‘energy management’. When you have more energy, you have more time, you do things faster, you are more efficient and more effective. In this workshop, you will appreciate the different types of energy (physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual) and how to tap on them. You will learn practical tips to increase your energy and therefore become more productive in your work.

3) Power of Emotional Engagement: Recruiting, Mobilizing and Nurturing for High Performance

Employees’ emotional disengagement is costing the company billions of dollars in revenue due to low morale, unhappy work culture, short-term recruitment, declining productivity and poor sales. They may be functionally effective but emotionally disengaged. This workshop will provide fresh insights, thought-leader perspectives, and practical skills to help leaders and managers become more effective in their work. Based on research by Gallup Study, John Gottman’s and Dan Siegel’s research, this workshop will equip you with useful frameworks and actionable solutions to help participants to engage their staff so that they can become more productive and effective.