Thomas Chia

Thomas Chia

by metaconsulting

Thomas is a service industry professional and has extensive experience in service excellence training. He develops and delivers customer service programs to individuals and organizations, enabling them to strengthen their service culture. He takes the solution-focused approach in achieving service excellence for his clients.


Prior to his present role, Thomas was with Singapore Airlines for over 30 years, serving as a Cabin Crew, In-Flight Supervisor, Senior Training Executive and Service Standards Auditor. He was responsible for training all ranks of flight managers in attaining the service standards that they are renowned for. He was also principal corporate trainer in delivering a cross-functional teamwork program involving pilots, station managers, engineers and cabin staff. He is certified by Airbus to train aircrew in fatigue management.


In his present role as consultant, Thomas shares his vast experience in customer service from the airline industry. A motivational facilitator, he helps people to realize their full potential using activities that are enjoyable and fun. He is able to create training sessions that allow participants to share their experiences with management, providing useful feedback for organizational growth. He uses coaching and processing skills to elicit the best from his participants.


Thomas obtained his Masters in Social Science & Counselling from the University of Swinburne (Australia). He is a registered state counsellor in Singapore. His professional diplomas in Training and Personnel Development were from the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), where began his interest in developing people, service training and improving the service standards in companies. Maintaining an active lifestyle, besides running he swims daily and plays social tennis. His leisure pursuits include photography, reading and social work.