Dr John’s Consultation Model

Dr John’s Consultation Model

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Dr John Consultation Model

Dr John and his team are passionate about making enterprises truly amazing through turn around transformation and customer centric transformation. They use his highly impactful S.A.L.T model to implement radical change.



Strategic: Focus on the most critical challenges in cascading the values to each department and staff.


Action: Move from learning to action. Participants will design activities and timeline to implement these challenges.


Learning: Share success and recover from failure experiences during the implementation. This is done through regular debrief and accountability sessions among participants, sponsors and Meta consultants.


Transformational: Experience personal and organizational transformation during the implementation of these projects. Participant will grow in the process through peer learning and coaching from Meta consultants.

 Turn-Around Transformation – Dr. John’s Radical Cultural Consultation

Using S.A.L.T (Strategic Action Learning Transformation) Teams, we adopt a most unique proprietary, proven-approach to help organizations in cultural transformations with these distinctive features. We create and sustain a bottom-up and top-supported to identify root causes, propose informed & considered solutions, focusing on effective implementation of short-term and longer-term key initiatives to deliver specific organization outcomes.

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Sustainable Customer-Centric Transformation – Dr. John’s Customer-Centric Consultation 

We focus on 3 foundational aspects of customer centricity:

People, Product and Process.

Our transformative efforts look at a challenging present realities and their contributing factors. We encourage S.A.L.T teams to design practical solutions to move towards the future ideal state

Engage staff & team to interact, commit and take responsibility in deep thinking

Learn from failures and improve the implementation

Encourage diversity  and inter-department discussion and interaction

Embrace bottom-up and top-supported problem-ownership and practical solutioning

Adopt integrated approach to organization transformation

Focus on implementation of ideas & sustainable results

Dr John’s Consultation Process

  • Phase 1: Analysis Phase
  • Phase 2: Ownership Phase
  • Phase 3: Transformation Phase
  • Phase 4: Audit & Evaluation Phase
  • Phase 5: Next Step Phase

Phase 1: Analysis Phase

Identifying and Clarifying Key Challenges with top management

Phase 2: Ownership Phase

Transformation Retreat: Identifying and Sharing Ownership Mission Critical Challenges. Formation of S.A.L.T. Teams

Phase 3: Transformation Phase

Follow-Through with S.A.L.T. Teams

Phase 4: Audit & Evaluation Phase

Mid-Term Audit

Phase 5: Next Step Phase

Moving Forward

Dr. John Passionary Team’s Expertise:

Bridge Builder

Passionate Catalyst

Idea Generator

Committed Coach

Accountability Partner

Impartial Facilitator