Dr. John’s Executive Coaching

Dr. John’s Executive Coaching

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Personalized executive coaching focusing on intentional nurturing, coachee-driven passion and 360 feedback.

1. Personal assessment tools

  • 360 feedback
  • MBTI
  • COSPI (Conflict Style Preference Style Idicator)
  • CAN / WANT and SHOULD reflection questions

2. One on one coaching session

During the 6-8 coaching sessions, we will focus on specific areas the coachee wants to address. Together, we will work out a step by step development plan.

3. Group coaching sessions

In groups of three, we will focus on common coaching issues and challenges for the 6 to 8 sessions. We will facilitate discussion and interaction to meet clear coaching objectives.

4 Resource Materials

Using Dr John’s books and blogs, coachees will be able to discuss perspective and ideas to facility their learning.

3 X 1.5 Hour Coaching Samplar (One-on-One)
3 X 1.5 Hour Coaching Samplar (One-on-Three)
8 X 1.5 Hour Coaching Suite
8 X 1.5 Hour Coaching Suite