Dr. John’s Executive Coaching

Dr. John’s Executive Coaching

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Personalized executive coaching focusing on intentional nurturing, coachee-driven passion and 360 feedback.

1. Personal assessment tools

  • 360 feedback
  • MBTI
  • COSPI (Conflict Style Preference Style Idicator)
  • CAN / WANT and SHOULD reflection questions

2. One on one coaching session

During the 6-8 coaching sessions, we will focus on specific areas the coachee wants to address. Together, we will work out a step by step development plan.

3. Group coaching sessions

In groups of three, we will focus on common coaching issues and challenges for the 6 to 8 sessions. We will facilitate discussion and interaction to meet clear coaching objectives.

4. Resource Materials

Using Dr John’s books and blogs, coachees will be able to discuss perspective and ideas to facility their learning.

3 X 1.5 Hour Coaching Samplar (One-on-One)
3 X 1.5 Hour Coaching Samplar (One-on-Three)
8 X 1.5 Hour Coaching Suite
8 X 1.5 Hour Coaching Suite