Dim Sum For Great Marriage

Dim Sum For Great Marriage

by metaconsulting

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“This book is packed with pragmatic, how-to advice on the important issues for a healthy marriage. From this book, I have learned many new things. I recommend this book to those who want to pro-actively cultivate a sustainable, loving marriage.”

Dr Somjin Sornpaisarn
CEO, TMB Asset Management Co. Ltd



Dim sum for great Marriages is a handy guide that will add lustre to your marriage. This book offers precious gems for a great marriage.  John discusses issues and challenges that confront marriages .He addresses crucial factors that break up a marriage. He also offers constructive and sound principles for building a great marriage.

With his experience and research, the compact book for couple is loaded with incisive insight and foresight that will advance your marital relationship to a whole new level

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