Dim Sum for Great Parenting

Dim Sum for Great Parenting

by metaconsulting

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“By sharing from his personal experiences and training, John shows us how to adjust and temper the management of our children. These little nuggets of wisdom carry truths that are flavorful and provide ‘oomph’ in our diet for a healthy relationship with our children.”

Mrs Maureen Ng B.L.
Former Principal, National Junior College


“John’s parenting tips have helped us to make good progress in relating well with our children.”

Dr W.S. Augustine Chui
Display Advertisements Sales Director, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd



Dim Sum for great parenting is packed with proven practical insights into bringing up stable and emotionally healthy children This invaluable parenting guide homes parent’s skills in the lost t art of affirmation  and apology.  It also offer useful advice on disciplining your children, to top it off,  John provides enduring and timeless conflict management principles  that will transform conflicts into opportunities. He also delves into the pitfalls of 12 conflict styles ad suggest ways of overcoming them.

Peppered with real life anecdotes and tips based ion personal experience, thus easy to read book will inspire you to be the great parent you were meant to be!

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