Unleashing the Greatness in You

Unleashing the Greatness in You

by metaconsulting

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“When John Ng writes books, I pay attention.”

Phil Cooke, Filmmaker, media consultant, and author of One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do, USA

“Brutally honest, courageous and with authentic sharing. I am inspired, grateful and confident that I have the power to achieve greatness!”

Rosemary Tan Mei Leng, Creative Director, Tungling Group of Companies, Malaysia and Former Global Chair (2013–2014) of Entrepreneurs Organisation



No matter your background or experiences in life, you can achieve greatness.That is the main thrust of this book.

Dr John Ng is the Chief Passionary Officer of Meta Consulting. He has distilled valuable lessons for achieving your potential, drawn from years of extensive interviews with thought-leaders. His astute observations, personal experiences and careful research will provide a concise guide to cultivating your passion, excellence and resilience for life.

Having coached many individuals to their full capacity, John now shares his knowledge and experience with the clear aim of unleashing your greatness through the power of self-leadership.

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